Stream audio from phone over bluetooth

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to setup the RPi3 to receive audio stream over bluetooth from my phone and play it on 3.5mm jack speakers. I can’t find any project that receive audio over bluetooth and play it on wired speakers ( something like I do on car ).


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Hi @phoenixtrigo,

I’m currently also searching for a solution that allows me to use Hassio as a bluetooth audio player (audio input via Bluetooth from my phone, audio output via Jack of Rpi 4). Did you already find a solution?

Hi @LC7894,

No, I ended making it over wifi (Airplay) with this It’s not the same because it only works with iOS devices but it solves half of my problem.

Thanks for the quick answer! Seems like you found a solution that solves at least a bit of the problem. Unfortunately I have an Android device so that won’t work for me. At least I can get Spotify to work with the Spotify Connect Addon. But that’s just Spotify unfortunately.

Try this:

I had issues with the spotify connect addon. Downloaded the “spotcast” custom component. Works great if you have chromecasts kicking around!

As I’m relatively new to the Hassio world I don’t know how to install this addon (running HassOS on a Pi 4). I’ll have a look on how to do it and give it a try.

The Spotify Connect addon luckily works well for me. Chromecast with the spotcast custom component might tackle the problem but not to the full extent since I want to play whatever sound my phone makes via Hassio. So I think that’s not what I need :frowning:

looks nice, when I have a time I’ll give it a try

It’s not a home assistant addon… it shows how you can do this with Linux… but you need access to the underlying OS, so it likely won’t work with the hassio image, unless someone makes it into a hassio addon

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Hi there, is there any new solution??? also to gain root access?

Also intersted in this. to send audio from Fire tv to Home assistant and play sound over raspberry jack 3.5