Stream camera on mibox

My goal is to start streaming camera video to mibox from home assistant.
I have tried many ways, but I still can’t find the perfect solution.

  1. I put the chromecast built-in application on the mibox. I add integration to the home assistant.
    Create a Script
  - service: camera.play_stream
      media_player: media_player.mibox
      entity_id: camera.dahua1
mode: single
alias: Show camera on TV
icon: mdi: webcam 

Does not work!

  1. I try in another way.
    I want to run VLC player on mibox and run the file there. VLC launches without problems. But how to run the required file on it (url file with rtsp stream address) - I don’t know. All the same, you still have to press the launch with the joystick.
  - service: media_player.select_source
      entity_id: media_player.mibox
      source: VLC
mode: single
alias: Show camera on VLC TV

How can I open the file here now?

  1. I try to use the thread launch directly.
  - service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.mibox
      media_content_id: rtsp: // *****: ********@ 554 / h264Preview_01_main
      media_content_type: video
mode: single
alias: Show camera on TV 2

Does not work!

Please tell me where to look.

P.S. and by the way, can anyone know how to turn on mibox after it falls asleep? He turns off with the home assistant well. And you have to turn it on only from the remote control. I tried ADB in developer mode, it does not work.
Really few people have such a task?

I just want to receive streaming video to my TV during a call, when someone comes. So that the camera immediately starts up on the TV.

Thanks everyone for any help.

i installed hassio android on my mibox and i made a default lovelace interface with my cams only.
(you go in app setting and choose default lovelace panel)
u could try launch one in your sequence.

Thanks for the answer. I don’t understand how to install on mibox hassio

download hassio.apk put it somewhere (usb key, samba…), install it on mibox, with a file explorer.
where to download an apk:
found on google:
Free Online APK Downloader |]
where to find a file explorer:
on the playstore. i’m using “x-plore”

aptoide tv could help you too:
Aptoide TV - Your independent app store for Android TV and set top boxes.

or u could use adb but it’s a little bit harder

or i know “ip cam viewver basic” app is good, it should find your cam

Thanks. I searched the app store. Not found. And Google did not suggest anything. Now I will follow this path. Install apk.

And regarding the launch of the camera broadcast on mibox, I had a solution. I created url file rtsp stream and ran it in x-plore.
It is not difficult, but it is inconvenient.

But the most important thing that I would like to know is the code by which it is possible to select an application and run such a file in it.

Like this:

service: media_player.select_source
  entity_id: media_player.mibox
  source: VLC 
# Nice. VLC in MiBox is open.

# Now I want to open my file in VLC. How to do it? What code should I write?

How whrite code to open a file in VLC?

VLC command-line help - VideoLAN Wiki
VLC media player - Home Assistant (