Stream Deck only "one way" communication

Hi Community,
I am running Stream Deck on a Mac and have loaded the HA plug in.
Connecting a Stream Deck key to HA works as well. (api link and longtime token, both green ticks)
I have connected the key to a meross switch to toggle when pressed.
When pressing the key nothing happens but when I google the switch manually or via HA app, the icon on the key toggles to ON.
So there must be some kind of communication between SD and HA but why only in one direction?
Any ideas what to look for?


Show how you have the key configured in StreamDeck please:

Like so?
As I said, SD and HA are communicating.

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No they’re not - no checkboxes. What happens if you hit reconnect- then scroll down so we can see the rest.

You mean the green ticks?
They have been there in the first place, when I have configured it but let my try it again.

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The ticks are there when comms are ACTIVE. If they’re not there it’s not connected.

OK, let me check!

I have deleted the Stream Deck plugin and reinstalled it and created a new token.
No green ticks when setting it up again BUT it works now.

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Weird on the ticks, but I know every time mine acts wonky - that’s the first thing I check, Seems to be the weakest link in the chain.

Glad it’s up again!

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