Stream doorbell video to PC connected to Samsung TV on doorbell press

I have an Amcrest doorbell andI have a Samsung TV that I can turn on and off and change HDMI inputs with HA through the Harmony integration. I have a Windows PC connected to the TV that I could maybe try to learn to control with FLIRC. I’m not sure about the last part. Or I could install Hass.agent. I was hoping to find a way to automate my TV turning on then changing the HDMI input to the PC then for HA to open a stream to the doorbell feed in full screen.

Is there a way to do that? If I use HASS.agent is there a way to automate the PC to open a full screen stream?

I have a Roku Ultra and I found out that Roku has an IP Camera Viewer - Basic app and that my Amcrest AD410 doorbell is viewable through the app. I had the Roku Ultra setup in the Harmony Hub but I just realized that Harmony can no longer communicate with the Roku Ultra.I can control the Roku Ultra just fine through HA through the Roku integration so I know that the Roku does not have a communication issue overall. It is just specific between Harmony and Roku. I need to be able to control Roku through Harmony so I can send a specific command to open the IP Camera Viewer - Basic app.

It turns out that IP Camera Viewer - Basic app refreshes every 3 seconds. So I had to look for another solution.

I added a Denon receiver to my Logitech Harmony Hub, even though I don’t own one, and used IR codes for the receiver for FLIRC. I mapped button presses from the Denon receiver through Harmony Hub to keyboard keys F4 and CTRL+H in Flirc. I created a shortcut to VLC that has the doorbell stream as a target. The shortcut has F4 as a hotkey. I then created a VLC script in HA to send Denon button presses that are mapped to F4 and CTRL+H in Flirc. I then made an automation that when the Amcrest AD410 button is pressed it turns on the TV then changes HDMI input to the PC then it runs the VLC script that opens the Amcrest AD410 stream in VLC with minimal interface.

More a question around practicalities: how long does it take for the tv to turn on? My sony would take longer to switch on and actually show the image from an hdmi input than a person in front of the door would wait for some kind of reaction coming from the inside :smiley:

I actually prefer for people to leave and to have never rang the doorbell.

Out of curiosity I checked out long it takes for the TV to turn on, change the HDMI input and show the doorbell stream in VLC. It took 7 seconds.