Stream not opening on iOS (Chrome or app)

Hi guys.
I finally got a working stream with the brand new stream component (hurray to the HA-team!)
Butttt… New day, new error :frowning:

From Lovelace, when opening a stream on Android (Brave/Chrome) it works out, also it works on my Mac OS X device, with Brave installed. But: it’s a no show on my iPad (i-devices) with Chrome and also not within the brand new app (beta 2.0).

- platform: generic
name: Oprit
still_image_url: ""
stream_source: "rtsp://admin:heresmypass@ip:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=2&subtype=1&authbasic=dXNlcjI6cGFzc3dv"
username: admin
password: heresmypass
authentication: digest
verify_ssl: false 

Somebody having the same problems?
It MUST be something within iOS/Brave/Chrome

Never mind, for now.
It seems to work on a iPhone, not on my iPad.
So it has to have something to do with the iPad.
Don’t want to bother you people with my personal issues :wink: