Stream Reolink Camera on Dashboard

I have the I have several PoE Reolink cameras and the latest official Reolink integration. I can stream these cameras fine from the Reolink iOS app.

I have added these Reolink camera entities to the dashboard but none of them stream either when on the dashboard or if I click on to them - I have done this as picture entities and picture glance, ensuring in each case camera_view is “live”. Unfortunately all it shows is a single snapshot of the camera (if I select the “streaming” entity) or a snapshot of the camera which updates every few seconds (if I select the “snapshot” entity). If I click on the “streaming” entity, a new window opens but the play button is greyed out, so I am stuck with a static snapshot.

If I go to “Media” tab / “Camera” button in Media Sources I can see there are a number of incompatible hidden items - which seems to be the total number of “streaming” Reolink entities - but all the “snapshot” entities are showing.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

My Home Assistant version is as follows:

  • Core 2024.2.2
  • Supervisor 2024.02.0
  • Operating System 11.5
  • Frontend 20240207.1

Same with mine Reolink.

I am using reolink in HA. I configured it as ONVIF camera. All works fine, even PTZ.
It was not auto-detected by ONVIF, but entering IP adress, portnumber and credentials will do