Stream Server for ESP32 C3 Built-in USB connection

I am trying to stream to/from ESP32 C3 Builtin USB connection via
oxan stream server to connected client.

Some questions:
How do you test this configuration on a windows PC or is it possible. I have tried using telnet/power shell and can create a connection via tcp wireless to the esp32 and this is reflected in the connection count sensor. So the TCP connection is occuring.
However I cant seem to get the UART side e.g. the USB serial. Various terminal programs do not show any output. The USB does show as a com port. Maybe this is not possible to test?

Is it even possible to use the builtin usb port with the stream server? Or is my configuration of the uart to use incorrect?

The overall aim of this project is to plug the esp into a usb port on solar inverter which will power esp and allow remote wireless connection to the usb serial port on inverter. The inverter uses a modbus like protocol.

Would like to test first BEFORE plugging in to the solar inverter.

My config is below.

  name: ${device_name}
  friendly_name: ${device_name_verbose}

  board: dfrobot_beetle_esp32c3

# Enable logging
# logger:
#   level: DEBUG
#   #hardware_uart: UART1
#   baud_rate: 0

# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: !secret api_encrypt_key

  password: !secret ota_password

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "BaseHotspot"
    password: !secret base_hotspot_password


# web_server:
#   port: 80  
#   ota: False   

  - source: github://oxan/esphome-stream-server

   id: usb_uart   
   baud_rate: 57600
   tx_pin: GPIO1 
   rx_pin: GPIO3

   uart_id: usb_uart
   port: 1234

  - platform: stream_server
      name: ${device_name_verbose} Connected
  - !include common/sensor/wifisignaldb.yaml
  - !include common/sensor/wifisignalpercent.yaml  
  - platform: stream_server
      name: ${device_name_verbose} Number of connections    

Any help appreciated.

I don’t know the ESP32-C3.

Does defining an UART sufficient to read USB data?
Did you confirm this out of the oxan context?

Why don’t you ask oxan, it’s his project. His GitHub issues page would be the place.

Well, the oxan project forwards uart to rcp. That’s only the 2nd part only of the project.
The 1st part would be actually read data from the C3 usb.

I’m far from certain that just creating an uart on ESPHome will achieve that (but I can be easily convinced :wink: )

Yes I couldnt see a way to use the builtin usb itself. Also found that that the stream is serial to wifi but not the other way, so I will look at using a RPi