StreamDeck Macro Pad HASS Client

Hi all,

Just thought people might be interested in a project I’m currently working on in my spare time:

This connects a StreamDeck macro keypad ( to HomeAssistant, so you can, for example, view a sensor state dynamically on a button, and see/toggle a light on and off from another button.

It’s currently in its early stages - I’ve only got the basics working so far, plenty more to do including user configuration - but thought it’s far enough along to gauge general interest to see how far I should develop it.

Everything is written (poorly) in Python, including my open source library to directly control the StreamDeck. It’s possible to run everything on a Raspberry Pi, if you want to make it entirely self-contained.


Hi great project!, does it work with

Super excited for this project

It seems like this solution replaces the current elgato software (if i understand the git hub correctly). If that is the case is it possible to integrate it (similar to how plugins work with the stream deck software) so that you can have home assistant buttons along with normal stream deck buttons. I would love to be able to control my smart home with buttons that change there state depending on if a device is on or off and also launch applications on my computer and what not.

For the sake of … I cant get it to work. Please help.

HA Adress is IP including the port?
Auth Token is clear
Service Domain: light
Service: toggle
What goes into service data.

The entity I want to toggle is light.arbeiten.

Help much appreatieated.

I checked the source code. If you have a stream deck this plugin works.

Hom Assistant Adress: http://your.ip:8123
Authoriation Toke: Your token
Service Domain light
Service toggle
Service Data: { "entitiy_id": "light.yourname" }

Super Cool.

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Typo there: should be entity_id.
Thanks for looking into it. Documentation was as clear as mud. This worked.


If there’s any interest to go from the streamdeck directly into Node-red I just put this out: