Streaming Generic Camera to Google Home Display

Hey guys

Im curious to know if anyone has setup generic cameras in home assistant and been able to stream them to a google home display and have them show without any lagging / delays / buffering etc.

Ive tried playing around with Arlo cameras in the past, and even though they state that they “work with google” its clearly not acceptable in terms of 10 - 30 second delays reported by so many people. Ive now tried setting up a hikvision camera locally in home assistant to see if i can cast to my google home display and im still seeing issues with buffering / delays and have tried so many different combinations of settings that i have lost track of what i have tried and havent now.

After reading countless people complaining about streaming cameras (either cloud based cameras like Arlo or local cameras in home assistant) im starting to think that my expectation for streaming cameras to a google home display are too high compared to what can actually be done. I am expecting that if you stream the camera to the display i would get at the absolute max a 2 - 3 second delay in the image appearing initially and then a 1 second delay max in regards to the video footage ongoing. Is there anyone who has successfully got a camera to stream to a google home display on demand and have it working reliably so that it can actually be used in a real life situation and not a 20 - 30 second delay which companines like Arlo say is a “working solution” or are my expectations too high and i should just give up on ever being able to reliably stream a camera to a google home display?