Streaming problems with frigate but not Synology

I’m running a HA Container on Docker in Synology. It is a DS1621+ with plenty of ram (32gB).

Currently I use Synology Video Station as NVR and it works well with HA, including streaming. Camera’s are Unifi G3 Flex and Doorbird D101.

I want to switch to frigate (Docker, on same Synology), but when I set this up I keep seeing that the stream buffers on live view. Every 2-3 sec the stream stops for a second and then continues. (Tested on Unifi G3 Flex)

The stream from frigate works fine when I connect with VLC. Also, the stream which is recorded by frigate works fine.CPU and ram usage of the Synology host are (very) low.

What could be the problem and how could I solve this?

Hi!! I noticed the same problem. Im running frigate on my own NAS and HA on a rpi4.
When i get live view with sound on ha, it gets buffering for a second and then continuos until next time.

Did you fixed it. Founded some solution or configuration?

No, have not worked on this any further. When If i find the time, I will try to figure this one out.

I have the same problem.