Streamlabs water monitor alerting

I’m a recent convert from SmartThings and have successfully converted all of my 50+ devices except for my Streamlabs Water Monitor. I see that there is an integration for the device which I have enabled and can successfully see my water usage as well as use the service to change the device’s home/away status. However I can’t find any way to be alerted when Streamlabs declares a leak alert. There is nothing in the documentation which would seem to imply that this feature isn’t supported. Isn’t this the main reason for this device; i.e., detect whole house leaks? I looked at the referenced GitHub repository but didn’t see anything there; however it doesn’t appear that the repository really contains all the code (e.g., there aren’t any web accesses in the code). Am I missing something or does this integration really not provide an alert?

Hey, did you find a solution for using Stremlabs water to determine if a leak is detected within Home Assistant?
I’m looking for a solution also.