Stretch card

Any chance of a card that helps align other cards in the button… an example… if i make a horizontal-stack with 4 entity cards they align in the buttom on my dashboard… but if one of the cards is a vertical-stack card with 2 cards in it they don’t align at the buttom even though there in the same horizontal-stack card… Screenshot_20211119-170549|230x500 would it be possible to make a card that auto aligns with the rest of the cards in the row…

Custom layout card using grid? You can define whatever grid you want and place cards over it, either fitting into single grid cell ar spanning across few cells. As I understand this way you can achieve what you want… though perhaps more detailed planning is required and more card to be placed within grid that in case you described.

Great I’ll have a look at it later today… I’m already using the custom card so will just have to move things around a bit… alot of copy paste :wink: but I’m already tweaking my cards on a daily basis so no problem… thanks for helping out