Struggle with errors after recent updates

This is probably a bit hard to troubleshoot, but might just check if any other is experiencing the same issues. I’m running HASSOS on Workstation Player 17 on a windows computer. Usually works great and are pretty stable.

The last two updates I encountered some issues I could not find by googling. The problem is that after an update nothing is working, only the dashboard. All entities are either missing or not reporting anything. Tried looking through logs witch just shows tons of errors. Then I start rebooting, HA and Vm, then whole computer. Eventually things start working for no reason. So when I did the upgrade in december I did not troubleshoot it further since things started working.

I upgraded now in January a couple of days ago. Same issue, only this time it took almost half a day with random reboots when I had time looking into it. Then when I almost gave up and was ready to roll back the VM things startet popping up again and is now working, tho not everything. Just saw addons is not showing so will troubleshoot that also before I either accept that the new upgrade is working or that I have to roll back.

So, to the main question, why does it take so many reboots after updating to get it up and running again? Is there something that can be done to fix this issue?