Struggling to find how to add Hue and Xiaomi lights


I got deconz running and was able to add switches/sensors, etc to it which is great.
I have a hue bridge and I’d like to get rid of it by using only deconz but I can’t find a way of doing it, is there something I am missing? Same goes to Xiaomi lights but for Xiaomi lights, I believe that something needs to be done with regards to Wifi on the Phoscon App.
Does anyone have an yideas?

Many thanks!

You tried adding the lights and nothing happened? Did you reset them first?

I tried removing the Hue lights from the Hue hub as a last measure (don’t know if there’s another way to reset it? ) but didn’t make any difference, I tried to add the lights on Deconz but it couldn’t find any.
The Xiaomi ones are the same thing (they’ve been reseted too) but can’t be found.

My steps for moving a Hue light from the Hue hub to deCONZ:

  1. Powercycle the light, it will only accept control signals the first 30 minutes from power on.
  2. Remove it from the Hue app
  3. Use a Hue dimmer remote to reset it by pressing both power on and power off buttons and having the remote just next to the light.
  4. Add a new light in deCONZ.

Are the Xiaomi lights wifi? The there should be another component than deCONZ for them.

Thanks, @Robban.
That’s the thing, I don’t have a hue dimmer, just 7 lights.
Is it possible to restart it without it?

With regards to Xiaomi, yes, they are wifi but my idea is to get rid of the Xiaomi gateway and the only things I am missing are the lights.

The next way after using a Hue dimmer to reset them are through the old web gui.

  1. In Phoscon go to Help -> Open Wireless Light Control
  2. In WLC go to Menu -> Settings and press ‘Scan for Devices’
  3. Reset the Lights you find that you want to reset

Nice one, Robban, just did it, appreciate the help.
For the Xiaomi lights I wasn’t able to find anyone configuring it on deCONZ, I have switches, sensors, etc already on deCONZ but not the lights yet. Do you have any idea if it’s doable?

Well it is possible that there could be a different component in HASS for the lights. Deconz is definitely not it

In HASS, it’s yeelight, actually :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for the help.

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