Struggling to remove device from MQTT integration

I had moved from HASS Discovery to Tasmota Integration a while ago for my active Tasmota devices and forgot the recipe. I recently put into service some previously shelved devices and they show up in both MQTT and Tamota integrations as shown in the screenshots.

Deleting the TopGreenerMini4 topics in MQTT Explorer doesn’t take the device out of MQTT integration, so what step am I missing?


P.S. so19 is off

Have a look under the “homeassistant” topic. You should see “sensor”, “binary_sensor”, etc corresponding to the entities in HA. These are retained topics, so will cause the entities to be created in HA. Delete the relevant retained topics before deleting them in HA.

I don’t see any entities related to this plug under the homeassistant topic in MQTT Explorer

And they are grayed out in HA so I’m not sure how to delete them

Have you tried restarting HA to see if anything changes?

Had not done it previously but restarting it still won’t let me remove the entities. Showing the error message in the screenshot this time

I’ve never seen that dialog before. However I have had entities that should be gone continue to “linger” for a while after HA restarts. And then 10 minutes later they disappear all by themselves, so maybe you’ll get lucky.

In playing around with the GUI, I clicked on the 3 vertical dots in the dialog and it popped up a menu asking me if I would like to delete the device from MQTT! Hopefully that will do it.

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