Struggling to trigger an event using webhooks

I’m trying to trigger an event in Home assistant based on a webhook sent from Motioneye, and am not certain if my outbound webhook is the problem or the receiving automation in Home assistant.

When webhook detects motion I’m sending out this webhook using the built in function in motioneye


I have this code saved to an automation in Home Assistant

platform: webhook
  - POST
local_only: false
webhook_id: cctv-motioneye-camera1-snapshot-S4-ABC123

My reading of the instructions is that Motioneye sends the command cctv-motioneye-camera1-snapshot-ABC123 out to the address 192.168.X.Y:8123 using the html post command, and Home Assistant listens for it and triggers an action.

I can’t find any logs relating inbound webhooks anywhere in Home Asistant, I’m not sure if this means that looking in the wrong place fort he log files, or if I’m sending them to the wrong place and they never reach Home Asistant.

Can anyone help me at least find where to look for the problem?

Go to

It will give you a URL to send your webhook that will show you the payload. Then, you can see if Motioneye is sending what you are expecting.

I’ve been able to confirm that Motioneye is indeed triggering webhooks, but I’m not sure how to check if the motionhook that I’m sending to Home Assistant is properly written.

Are there any tools that could help me with that?