Struggling with Google Hub/Cast

I got a Google Hub a couple weeks ago with the intention of being able to cast my Hassio-installation to it. However, my current network setup proved to be difficult and after weeks im still struggling.
The network setup that I have includes haproxy to terminate SSL-connections. Https-traffic to HA is tunneled through haproxy and then passed (http) to my HA-server. I can as such address it with

The problem comes when I try to cast to Google Hub. When I go to ‘’ and try to direct it to my public ha-endpoint ‘’ I end up with a message on the Google Hub saying ‘Error: Unable to connect to the Home Assistant websocket API’. From this I draw the conclusion that there is some configuration issue with haproxy so the websocket-traffic is not passing through but I cant get it to work.

However, when I try to debug websocket traffic (using a simple local webpage and some JS) I can get that to connect to HA through the haproxy.

My understanding of Casting is limited but from how I percieve it it should work throug my haproxy setup.

Any one have any ideas?

No one experienced this?

were you ever able to get this working? I just tried casting on a fresh install of Hassio.

Im getting that error on the Chromecast.

if I go to and log in with my credentials, it just revets me back to that page saying “Error, Unable to connect”

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nope,. Gave up on it.