Struggling with Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (Tasmota Firmware)

Hi all,

Since a couple of days I’m using the new Sonoff ZigbeeBridge with the custom Tasmota firmware on it.
All is working well and the setup was easy except for one thing.

I’m using it in combination with Node-Red which has always been working fine on my CC2531.
I have a schematic were a timer gets hit when a motion sensor is triggered. After 5 minutes of no motion the lights in the kitchen turn off. It was working like a charm but when I switched to the Sonoff it stopped.

Now, when I walk in front of the motion sensor it gets triggered and the timers starts to count down. After 5 minutes the lights go off even when I’m stil walking in the kitchen. It looks like something is not registering that I’m still moving there.

It has been working on the CC2531 so I think it has something to do with the Sonoff.

Xiamoi Motion Sensor
Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (Tasmota firmware)
Home Assistant (Latest version)
Using the ZHA integration in HA

EDIT: So it looks like the state doesn’t get updated as the minutes pass by. Node-Red shows last state change 21.39 but when I’m walking there at 21.41 it’s not updating.

Any help would make my day :slight_smile:

How are you detecting motion, is it a binary sensor and it this getting re-triggered when you walk in front of the sensor? If yes then I guess it may be that the timer is not getting restarted on subsequent sensor activations which could be a configuration problem.

It would probably help if you posted your configuration for people to look at.

Hi Jonah,

Yeah it’s a binary sensor.
It looks like it doesn’t get re-triggered.

When i was using the CC2531 it was working fine. Now with the Zigbee Bridge it’s not.

What config do i need to post?. It all goes through the Zigbee Bridge true WIFI. No Mosquito Broken or Zibee2MQTT present.

I’ve edited the telemetry in the bridge but that doesn’t look to have any kind of effect. The value was 300sec. Changed it to 60.

Thats strange, what make/model of Zigbee motion sensor are you using? You might want to check its compatibility with ZHA here: