Struggling with voice strings

hi all,

I have two similar different voice strings that assistant seems to be combining.

  1. “Hey google, turn off the kitchen light” - This string communicates directly with Homeseer to turn off the kitchen light device
  2. “Hey google, turn off the kitchen lights” - This string used to run an IFTTT command to run a Homeseer system event routine that turns off several lights.

The main problem that I am having is that when I say the string for #2, google appears to do both events (#1 and #2). Google can clearly tell the difference between “light” and “lights” because it works correctly when I say phrase #1.

I would prefer not to have to come up with different phraseology since these two phrases flow very well. Any help would be appreciated.

I think you might be in the wrong place. This forum is for Home Assistant support. Try

I think you might be in the wrong place. This forum is for Home Assistant support. Try "

I think you misread my post. The problem is that google is firing activities for two different strings. One for the plural version “lights” in which it runs a google routine.

Then google fires an action for the singular version “light” in which it turns off the kitchen light device.

This isn’t a google assistant support forum either.

i was hoping an expert might respond, but i keep getting you.

Life is full of disappointments.

Are you actually running home assistant?

:grinning: lol, yes. I’ve had my house heavily automated for several years with google assistant being the primary triggering device. I’ve had 50+ applets running on ifttt which would read a google assistant voice trigger and would kick off custom events in homeseer.

Now that ifttt is limiting apps for non-pro accounts, I’m trying to utilize built in functionality in homeseer. When I ask assistant to re-sync devices, I can certainly see that several devices that link up, but it’s homeseer voice enabled events that are a problem. The google home app shows a list of the devices that are linked, but I can’t see a list of voice enabled events that link up.

That part of why this current issue is difficult. I can see in the home app a device called “kitchen light”, but I can’t tell if assistant sees an HS4 event called “turn off the kitchen lights”.

No, are you running home assistant the software, that’s it’s name and what this forum is about.

If so which version and which install method?

Homeseer is a competing product to home assistant, which is why I directed you to their forum.

I see that I was badly mistaken. I hope you can forgive my attempts to be cleaver.

Sadly back to the abyss of trying to find help for a Google product…

No problem. If you ever jump ship and change over to home assistant we are here to help.