Struggling with ZigBee/Zwave Bridge

Hello All,

Looking for some help. Been doing a combination of multiple Smart Home Tech for many years now, recently discovered Home Assistant and it sounds like what I’ve been looking for to get everything more or less under one roof and since I just moved now is the time.

I absolutely love the way HA integrated with my Lutron Casseta stuff and I’d like to find something similar for ZigBee and Zwave (I already have a bunch of both). I would much prefer a device (or devices) hard wired to my network over devices connected directly to the HA server (one, my server will not be in an ideal location for radio signals; two, I’m running HA OS as a virtual machine inside a custom NAS box and don’t want to mess with linking hardware to the VM; three, I like that there is still a cloud so if I’m away and something goes wrong with HA I can still manually do stuff via the cloud app on my phone).

I’m currently using SmartThings for these components but my understanding is there is no way for HA to do local control to that so I’d like to find something new. I was thinking Hubitat based on this thread

Based on that I expected to just find the integration in the list but it is not there. (I was able to get the manual install working but I would prefer the non manual so it would hopefully update as needed when I install a new version of HA, aka I’m worried this will break on some future HA update.)

Are there any ZigBee and/or ZWave bridges out there that work with local control and are directly supported by HA?


It’s all documented: Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant & Z-Wave Controllers - Home Assistant

Other than ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) you can also choose third party Zigbee addons, like:
Zigbee2mqtt or deCONZ (latter works only with deCONZ coördinators).

You can use a Z-Wave stick with zwavejs2mqtt and use its websockets server over the network to Home Assistant and the zwavejs integration will work the same as if it was local on the machine.

A cheap Raspberry Pi, with a Zigbee and Z-wave dongle, running Zigbee2mqtt and zwavejs2mqtt will do.

If you are in North America and do not mind 500 series Z-Wave, the HUSBZB-1 stick has both in one stick.

Yes, but the HUSBZB-1 is not supported by Zigbee2mqtt.

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