Stuck at preparing

I’m trying to install HA on a RPI 3 B+ and instead of using the pre-built image (because I want to be able to use the add-ons) I used Etcher to burn Raspian Stretch Lite and after that booted up did the following

sudo su
curl -sL | bash -s

It’s been a couple of hours and I’m still stuck at the “preparing” screen. What am I doing wrong?

Possibly not waiting long enough? 20 minutes is an estimate and based on a pretty good download rate.

There is a HassOS you could try instead of the hack to run Hassio? It’s stable now and is the same as Hassio except it is not based on ResinOS. HassOS is the future.

so if still have same issues with HASSOS…

what to do?

How long did you wait ? Did you check your router (or other DHCP server) to check if a new device came online ?