Stuck at Preparing Home Assistant

Hello everyone,
I am trying to install home assistant 6.2 on a raspberry pi4 - 2GB. It gets stuck at the “Preparing Home Assistant” page for hours. I would appreciate it if someone knows how fix this issue.

Hi !

You should try to connect monitor and keyboard to your PI. Maybe you’ll be able to see what’s going on (or not going on :yum: )

Im experiencing the same problem. I have to type “banner” and then it gives the ip address and everything. Have HA OS 8.4 so my version is not to old. When i loaded home assistant on the pc it got stuck on the preparing home assistant for a full day. When I unplugged the rpi and plugged it in again the page now doesn’t want to load(hangs) see screenshot.

I do have it connected to a screen and its not giving any errors.

Any one that can help with this?

Hi, did you find the solution? I have the same issue.

You should really start your own topic, where you can provide your specific setup and installation info.

It really doesn’t make sense to post in two topics you have “the same problem” where these two topics are totally different.

Just open up a new topic, and ask your questions. Try to provide as much info as you can, eg. logs and infos about the hardware and the things you did.