Stuck in CoreState.STARTUP

Since early March, my HA Supervised (core-2021.2.3) in Ubuntu doesn’t seem able to achieve fully operational status.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose or remedy this?


Yesterday I finally was able to put some time into an attempt to get Home Assistant working properly. Just to recap, it’s operational abilities are normal, but it wouldn’t backup or update.

I’m running Supervised on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Yes, the Supervisor warns me it’s unsupported and not “healthy”, but short of a complete server O/S rebuild and completely rework how Home Assistant is installed – which I simply can’t do at this time – there’s no way to update Network Manager to get HA healthy.

I followed the suggestion to rerun the convenience installation script. Thankfully, that got Home Assistant to Core.Running. More thankfully, I had preserved the last successful backup from early March before it got aged out. Restoring from that backup got Home Assistant close to where it was before the reinstall, requiring just a handful of manual changes. Thankfully again, Home Assistant updated to the most recent version, and all was well.

I logged into Home Assistant this morning to check it out. Unthankfully, yesterday evening Home Assistant ran an internal check, decided it really isn’t healthy after all, and reverted to Core.Startup. Surprise! No backup last night.

Back to square one.

To close this out: my solution was to reinstall Home Assistant as a virtual machine running Home Assistant OS in VirtualBox.

As I had only little experience with VirtualBox, it took me about a month to work out all the details for my somewhat complex use of Home Assistant. I had to restore from an old backup, but had abstained from changing anything while Home Assistant was unstable.

Home Assistant is now healthy.