Stuck on basic device grouping

I’m trying to create my first device group. I have two Sengled RGBW bulbs in my entryway, and I want to control them as a single unit.

I literally copied a section from the Group section on the main HA site (Group - Home Assistant) and pasted it into my groups.yaml file:

    name: Entryway
      - light.sengled_1_level_light_color_on_off
      - light.sengled_2_level_light_color_on_off

Seems pretty straightforward, but now I’m treated to a log error about the group config:

Invalid config for [group]: [entryway] is an invalid option for [group]. Check: group->group->group->entryway. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 7). Please check the docs at Group - Home Assistant

A couple of questions:

  1. I thought the [group] section was using the hashtable keys just to ensure that there wasn’t a name collision with other groups/devices. So why would “entryway” be invalid when, from the website, “kitchen”, “climate”, and “awesome_people” are just fine?
  2. If the problem is with group->group->group->entryway, then how do I inspect the contents of (or add something to) “group” or “group->group”?

The example shown in the documentation is meant to be used in the configuration.yaml file. If you want to use the groups.yaml file, remove the first line containing group: because it’s not required here (more than “not required”, it’s invalid).

BTW, you are using a standard Group containing two lights. You might want to consider using a Light Group instead. It will provide you with a bit more control of the lights (on/off, brightness, color, etc).

If you do choose to use a Light Group, it is not configured in the groups.yaml file. Configure it wherever you currently have configured your lights (under light: in configuration.yamlor in thelights.yaml` file if that’s what you are using).

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Ahh. Okay. I see that the line in configuration.yaml is: group: !include groups.yaml so, that “group:” prefix is including the stuff from groups.yaml under the “group” namespace. Makes sense.

Now I’m confused, since the first level of keys in groups.yaml should be the group names, yes? So I can’t have a group called “group”? I would think that the problem is that HA expects the second level to include the mandatory keys (like “name:” and “entities:”) and all it saw was “entryway”.

So… let me make sure that I get this straight. Regular groups don’t expose the intersection of all of the capabilities of all of the members? It just exposes on/off of the binary actuator capability?

So, I removed the “group:” level from groups.yaml, and we’ve made a little progress. Configuration->Server Controls says the configuration is valid, but now I can’t find the group, anywhere. It’s not in the catch-all Lovelace dashboard. It’s not in Configuration->Devices nor Configuration-Entities, nor does it appear as an available device in the Actions of automations.

Basically, yes. A standard group’s behavior is explained in this section of its documentation.

Check the Configuration > Logs for error messages. There’s (obviously) some other mistake involved.

Just to double check since you didn’t mention it: did you restart the server, or at least refresh groups, after ensuring the configuration is valid? It will be listed as an entity once it has been created successfully.