Stuck on Sending Control Command: Key/Sending handshake

First time poster here, as I have just entered the world of home automation and home assistant. I installed home assistant on a Debian9 VM on proxmox. All went smoothly but when I went to run HASS via command line

Used this documentation:
and got stuck on: hass --open-ui

I cannot open the web gui using localhost:8123, local:8123, ipFoundinDebian:8123. (used ifconfig to find IP on debian CLI)

Can someone please let me know if I messed something up? should i start over? This process ran overnight. So something must be wrong, but I have no idea what it could be. Thank you!

I thought I have read somewhere that the command you give doesn’t work for your specific install (hass —open-ui). I start my virtual environment by first logging in the user:

$ sudo -u homeassistant -H -s
$ cd /srv/homeassistant/
$ source bin/activate
$ hass

This is how I did it, though I have followed the advanced steps which tells you to install some packages (I believe the shorter version is not really complete) you can find the docs here:

I am not entirely sure though, but I have reinstalled Home Assistant last week by following this guide to the letter. No problems.

Edit: I know the title says raspberry pi, but I run it on Hyper-V on Ubuntu 18.04 in a python venv. So no raspberry involved.

Great thank you for the help @jimz011. I will look into your command below shortly. Thanks for weighing in!