Stuck on - Starting Zeroconf broadcast

Windows 10 + WSL2 + Ubuntu environment. Followed the links and got the hass -c config to start up.

It seems to stuck on Starting ZeroConfig broadcast.
I don’t see errors on the screen. What could I do from here?

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I’m having the same problem, updated HA version, clean installed twice and it kees getting stuck on this step. I’m going to test downgrading to an old version

May be it is not stuck after all.
I added a line to see if the"Starting Zeroconf broadcast")
    await aio_zc.async_register_service(info, allow_name_change=True)"coming back") #I added this line

I thought it got stuck on await, but it did return from it, and I wonder if “Starting ZeroConf broadcast …” is just a info message. I was expecting "ZeroConf succeeded… " or something :slight_smile:

May be it should say "Successfully started ZeroConf service …

Anyways the upshot is that the HA is available at https://<172…>:8123 and the welcome screen shows