Stuck Z-Wave device

Hoping someone here has dealt with this before. Had an issue with one of my devices and somehow it was excluded/included under a different device but Zwave-JS didn’t delete the old device. Therefore it’s now stuck on the control panel and shows all unidentified data. I’ve gone through the config files and I see no reference to the Node 5, I’ve tried to mark it failed and remove but, but it can’t find “Node 5” and therefore fails. Any ideas?

The Z-Wave network is stored on the controller, not in config files. I am rather new to zwavejs so I have not come across this before.

I know that Sylabs PC Controller software for Windows can remove nodes from the controller, if necessary

Had the same issue here, please check

So I’ve tried this, maybe it’s just because I’m unfamiliar with this tool, but Node 5 doesn’t exist in it either. It’s gone. I initiated an update of all neighbors via the tool and let it go but it doesn’t seem to be there.

The reason I was checking config files through Zwave JS was because it appears it’s merely stuck in those and only displaying it in the webpage not actually associated with the controller but I could be wrong.

Thank you for suggestions.