Studio Code Server editor started showing weird colours


recently I was editing and trying splitting .yaml files for ESPHome inside of Studio Code Server editor, nothing crazy, when i accidentally clicked on a “Source control” button on the left sidebar.

The problem is, that this somehow activated git change control and now all my files are different colours with letters at the end, and inside the edited files there are colourful bands next to line numbers whenever I change something.
It’s maddening and terribly distracting.
I was trying to find on the internet how to disable this, but was unsuccessful.

Is there some setting that I am missing?

It looks like this right now:

I’d be very grateful for any help.

You probably already found this, but as I stumbled upon this, I figured I’d leave this here just in case.

I had this exact issue. I ended up going into exteriors (in the sidebar), then under the three dots, show running Extensions. And disabled everything GitHub.

I still have the problem that the Settings render transparent, so I can’t provide Screenshots other than ones that look like this: