Subdirectories in 0.31 and 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte Error [SOLVED]

Just thought I’d share…

Upgraded to 0.31 and was bombing out with this error:
Fatal error while loading config: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xe5 in position 33: invalid continuation byte
I’ve got HA running on my Raspberry PI. I got lazy and was connecting to my Pi with my Mac via AFP (Appleshare).

Apparently, starting with version 0.31, you cannot have subdirectories in any of the !include_dir_named or !include_dir_merged directories. I did have an “unused” directory in each for backups and yamls I had been testing, and the Mac was creating .DS_Store and .AppleDouble directories in each.

I moved out the unused and before starting HA had to wipe out the Mac-created files with:
find . -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec echo rm {} \; && find . -name ".AppleDouble" -depth -exec rm -rf {} \;

This is a better way to do it:

find . -name '.DS_Store' -type f -delete;find . -name '.AppleDouble' -type f -delete


This issue has been fixed as of 0.31.1.

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