Subscribe to MQTT topic on while still running the Mosquitto broker add-on (MQTT Bridge)

I have HA running on a raspberry pi with the Mosquito MQTT broker add-on. I have local devices running and successfully publishing to the MQTT server and all is working well. I now have a temperature sensor that will be running outside my network (way out side) that I am publishing data to I was hoping to just “subscribe” to the data on adafruit using their MQTT connection.

From what I read, I need to setup a “bridge” because HA can only connect to one MQTT server. I have spent a day trying to get that to work based on multiple posts from this site. After breaking everything, I just got back to level ground and I again have everything working on the internal MQTT broker again.

I feel like it can’t possibly be this difficult to subscribe to outside MQTT server data and still keep my internal MQTT add-on server working as normal for my local devices. Am I over complicating things here by trying to setup of a MQTT “bridge” on the MQTT add-on server? Is that the correct way to go?

This is one of things I tried to setup up the bridge because this person’s scenario sounds exactly like mine but then I broke something and I had to put everything back. The post is older so maybe things have changed?

I am still struggling to get out of the gate with this. Most threads say I should setup a “mosquitto.conf” file and that I should change the configuration on the the mosquitto add on from “active: false” to "active: true"

when I do this, the “mosquitto.conf” does load, but then my local MQTT clients stop working, and the remote io.adafruit MQTT is still not communicating.

So is changing from “active: false” to “active: true” in the configuration really the first step to getting the bridge going or is that not correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.