Subsonic integration as media player

Subsonic is a media server primarly for music. They offer an API. Why not?



Almost a year later, but… Bump!!! I would like to see this as well.


Another bump. Anyone?


i would… if i could :confused:


Yes, please. Has anyone seen Funkwhale? It’s sort of like what Grooveshark used to be, but it will be federated via ActivityPub in the near future. Anyway, it uses the Subsonic API as well, so I think this would be really cool.

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now that home assistant has a media player built in. it would be great to see support for the subsonic api. would be great if it was an addon so we could just have home assistant handle it and not need to run anything outside of home assistant.


Another year, another +1 for this. Five years in the requests I see. Like many above me I went down this rabbit hole. I came across Subsonic when I was in search of making my own self-hosted ‘Spotify.’ Even though Subsonic is now closed-source, their Subsonic API is very popular and used by many FOSS solutions.

Currently the only options to interface Home Assistant with a Subsonic API are:

Volumio → Volusonic plugin → Volumio Integration.
Unfortunately, Volumio is very anti-Docker and does not provide proper support. The third-party Docker is a hit-or-miss for people. I couldn’t get it to connect to Navidrome myself.

Logitech Media Server → SqueezeSonic plugin → Logitech Squeezebox Integration
Very roundabout way and quite complex. Not to mention the popularity is dwindling because of how old the core software is.

Mopidy → Mopidy-Subidy plugin → MPD Integration
Looks to be decent, but limiting. Cannot browse media sufficiently from within Home Assistant.

Mopidy → Mopidy-Subidy plugin → Mopidy Integration on HACS (GitHub - bushvin/hass-integrations: My custom Home Assistant integrations)
Solves the issue of above and promotes the ability to browse media right from within the Home Assistant dashboard.

If you find other solutions please post some! :slight_smile:

I originally just wanted Navidrome support within Home Assistant, but now I see that if you extend out to any Subsonic API you will be able to on-board a whole bunch more people (Subsonic, Libresonic, Airsonic, Airsonic-Advanced, Funkwhale, and Navidrome.)

Hopefully Home Assistant will eventually get native Subsonic API support and we could have direct interfacing without resorting to plugins which may stop being maintained (read: above-mentioned Mopidy-Subidy developer says his repo needs someone to take over).

If anyone out there wants to help out and see how we can leverage Py-Sonic into a Home Assistant integration, please let’s have this conversation!



I’m waiting for this integration too…

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You are wrong about LMS; it is an open source project and is updated regularly, usually monthly. It is even more popular than ever. The Logitech website has their last version, very old, so search for the Github.

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+1 from me too. Please add Subsonic.

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i have a Navidrome server, subsonic support would be awesome! +1.


Yes, PLEASE! Why wait so long?

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well, that was vaporware

BUMP please can we have this

BUMP :heart:
actually using Navidrome (which has an Subsonic API ) with bonob and Sonos, would be awesome to control it via HA

+1 I would love this integration

+1 ! Using navidrome which i love, would be great to have it integrated!

+1 for an integration!

I’ll throw another +1 in here. Subsonic integration would be great and would allow me to use my Navidrome server with Home Assistant.