Subtle indicator lights

I use a ton of Aqara door/window sensors and other devices around my house, and I have two of the Aqara hubs to support all of these devices. I want to remove the hubs and connect the devices directly to my server that is running Home Assistant.

The issue is that I use the hubs as indicator lights (when a door opens, etc). This is a nice way to notify us of the status of things or if something needs attention in a way that isn’t annoying.

Does anyone have suggestions for devices that I could use as indicator lights instead of the Aqara hub? Just need something simple that I can control programmatically with Home Assistant… maybe like an outlet cover or something? Not sure what all is out there.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

Something like this?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I do actually use that as a notification light (it strobes like a mother) in my office for various things. It’s very intentionally BEHIND my monitor to avoid blindness.


ha - yeah ideally something smaller :laughing: I might just keep the Aqara hubs and use them only for indicator lights… haven’t been able to find anything comparable

Could definitely make something up in ESPHome (even just using the on-board LED), but it sounds like you’re looking for an off-the-shelf thing.

That’s an expensive light.

Are you looking for DIY or OTS (off the shelf)?
It’s simple enough to write an automation to turn on a light when a sensor changes state. Your problem is finding the light. If I wanted to do this, I wouldn’t spend more than $5- to $10.00 total.

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