Subview with a tab in another dashboard


I have two dashboards:

  1. Overview used as thematic dashboard (one summary view, one for Heating, Music, etc.)
  2. Room based (e.g. one view for my Office, one for Living Room, etc.)

The summary view on Overview contains, among other things, a panel per room with some shortcuts. Each panel has a header which redirect to /rooms/<selected_room> on click such that it offers a better control.

It is super convenient to have a subview for each /rooms/<room> because the navigation is really fluid from a tablet or a phone. However, the subview prevents me from having the tab in the head of the /rooms dashboard.

What I would like to achieve is having all the views displayed as tab in the /rooms dashboard (so acting like normal view basically) but having the return / back_path link (so acting like a subview) from elsewhere.

Of course, I could duplicate the views but it would be inconvenient in case I need to modify one view.

Is there anyway to achieve this?

The “easiest” way would probably be to have a “redirect” view which add the tab to the header of a dashboard, and redirect to the subview but I could not find anything like this.

How did you solve this?

I did not yet.