Success: D-Link Door/Window Sensor DCH-Z110 added via zwave2mqtt

After the migration to zwave2mqtt I had the problem that the sensor was displayed in Homeassistant, but the field for the status of the door (open/closed) was not transferred. Temperature data and light data were transferred.

The trick was that I had to click on the sensor in the interface of zwave2mqtt, there is under “Values” the section “Configuration V1”. There I had to change the “[6-112-0-7-16] Notification Type” to “[1] Sensor Binary Report” and confirm with the triangle on the right. I guess that I also had to wake up the sensor with the button in the case. I tried it several times and eventually it worked.

Now I see “binary_sensor.turdetektor_garage_door_window” as entity. “on” means that the door is open.

I hope this helps someone. I had almost given up.

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