Sudden HA Core restart after 72 days of uptime - looking for the reason

HA Core was running for phenomenal 72 days (personal highscore, unintended but well) without any issues, very stable. Out of nothing, yesterday it has been restarted automatically.

  • Only HA Core, all other addons/containers kept running
  • no power issue
  • RAM usage (which still is an issue for HA / HA OS) of HA Core was nearly 60 %, total RAM usage was ~ 65 % :arrow_right: nothing critical at all with 8 GB of total memory

I want to find out what caused the restart. Of course I have the HA log file. Unfortunately, it has 323 MB of size and contains 4.5 millions lines, the last events next to EOF still few thousand.

What are the options to find out the reason for a sudden HA core restart after it happend?

  1. Any “common” log entries in home_assisstant.log indicating a restart?
  2. How to access earlier Supervisor logs? Checking /config/logs for Supervisor now (a day later) only gives me the last few hours.

(trying to get insights including the Supervisor logs by checking the journal file according to How to get to your log after restart/restore - #9 by e-raser)