Sudden High CPU and Temp

HI All
Well today was an interesting day in home assistant world… I was looking at my home assistant at work and noticed at about 10am that the graphs stopped working… I know in the past to delete the database and restart…However I am now using the MariaDB and this hasn;t happebed before.

Anyway I had to full uninstall the mariadb add-on and re-install it to get it back up and working again…
Below is my grafana graph…

Anyway just though I would put it out there if anyone else see this before,

I am runinng Hassio on a Pi 3B

HI All
Not sure if anyone even looked at my old post, but anyway, I had the same issue again.
I also noticed that the mariaDB started to grow rapidly

I moved back to the default database, and there was no change in the CPU/Temp, However once I stopped the mariaDB add on, the processor dropped rapidly, and the CPU temp also dropped (Although not significant)

Another thing, once I removed the add-on, the disk capacity went from 9gb to 4.1
See my grafana

Once thing I had a suspicion on is I also run the pi-hole add on. I did add a extra block list which increased the number of domains from 100K to almost 900K

Not sure if this is relevant. I have removed the block list…

So not sure if anyone else has had this issue.

I have a similar problem. For me the Homeassistant Container gradually is increasing in CPU usage. It starts out with about 12% after a restart, and goes up to more than 100% after about 12h.
So far i was not able to identify the culprit yet. I also tried disabling mariaDB but that made no difference.