Sudden memory overflow within minutes after (re)start

Any suggestion what could be wrong here? Running HassOS 4.15 stable an has ever been without problems. Tried to move to SSD and updated My Raspberry Pi4B to the latest bootrom version to do so. The SATA interface seems not to be OK, so I diverted back to the stable MicroSD (A2-64Gb Extreme).

Since this, I run into severe stability issues: The memory runs full continuously within minutes up to 100% and the response is laggy overall.

Tried a new A2 MicroSD card, fresh install and backup but same issue. In Glances I see this:

There is no solution in disabling whatever integration or add-on, it just runs full.
Any clue somebody what is wrong and what I could do to resolve?

I really don’t know if related, but there was an overflow problem with Versions 0.117.0 and 0.117.1 on the ONVIF integration. People say it was solved on later versions. I installed today 0.117.4 and all works as expected.

Thank you Alon, I do not use ONVIF :slight_smile:

I finally have found the cause and solution:

I use the DSMR (smart energy meter) integration. As this utmost simple RS232/485 integration only reads data from the meter without hanshake or so, I assumed it wouldn’t make any difference to leave the UART to USB converter cable unplugged during the SSD tests.

How wrong can I be, after plugging in, all is perfectly fine again. Maybe a weakness either in my thinking or in the integration but hopefully of help to other DSMR users…

Possibly the integration is hammering a non existent hardware entity.