Sudden network issue, mobile app, esphome, alexa all stopped working yesterday, others work fine

Yesterday HA started having some odd network issues and I can’t find out what happened, or even where to look to fix it. My install is on a proxmox VM, and I updated to the newest version last week without any issue. Past that I have not touched anything so the sudden outage was bizzare to me.

My symptoms are the android app does not work unless I am on wifi, esphome can not connect to devices but the devices still work, the alexa setup I had no longer works with HA but the alexa still work in the house. If I connect to my local IP instead of my weburl through NGINX I can access plugins, but they all don’t seem to have any connection to the network. Integrations that need web access all have it, bandwidth tester, weather both work, as well as things like cameras on the network. I looked through logs and they are filled with errors connecting to some items, but I don’t know where to go to root cause this.

Anyone have any ideas on where to start with this? I have snapshots so a nuke and pave is an option but I would like to avoid it if possible. Thanks for any help.

to update:

I have tried to rollback the OS to 5.13 just to check to see if the new OS broke something, no change. I reloaded an old config from backup, no change. I can absolutely get to the NGINX page, but from that point to HA is just dead. HA can go OUT onto the web, but it just ignores any requests coming from the web and I am not even sure if any of the logs are telling me anything useful.

What the router and who what doing the DHCP

If its the one your provider gave you mite have to upgrade it as there wifi can only handle x numbers of things

I’m running pfsense on the same proxmox machine as home assistant. It was acting a bit odd the same day, but a reboot resolved it but the home assistant problem persists.

Thanks for the reply!

I just update the OS to 6.0 and had a similar scare. Turns out my Nginx Proxy Manager didn’t start because my MariaDB wasn’t set to autostart. Might not help, but I thought I’d throw that out there.

Finally got it working. I bumped pfsense up to 2.5.1 from 2.5.0 thinking it was a bug fix, and it nuked port forwarding.