Sudden Problems With Tuya Smart Life Lights

I had these problems and did get them working again with the new version of the script, but who knows when it’ll break again. I bit the bullet and learned how to use tuya-convert to get them out of the cloud, on my network, and working with HA. I have to say they work 10x better this way. Response time for a manual toggle is before my mouse has returned up from the click.

That database @colecooper mentioned is an amazing resource for finding your bulbs. I had three models that were not in it, but was able to get them working and submitted templates to the site to help out others.

I’m in the process of doing my smart plugs now, but don’t know if I’ll do my wall switches because I’d have to pull them out to get model numbers off the backs. They work well enough in the cloud… for now.

Switched to esphome, after successfully getting tuya-convert to work. Work flawlessly now as well as having access to programmable effects!

I wasn’t getting color support but the icons changed to white so I knew it was doing something.

I slightly changed @gadgetchnnel 's file a tiny bit to force color support, and to stop any attempt to read the color data from tuya, which was causing an error. (basically just commented out a couple of lines that were causing issues for me).

Here’s the file that is working for me:

Using the method from @nkreadly07 after a few tries everything seems to be working great for me now.

I have color support again and all my automations and color work fine.

I’ve disabled my google and alexa integrations with tuya, so the bulbs are controlled through home assistant even when using voice control with alexa or google and things seem to work ok.

Just sharing the file with these slight changes in case they might help someone else.


Thanks for sharing that fixed my problem with color support!

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I copied your file to mine. It does bring up the color picker but once i select the color the light changes but then becomes unresponsive until i change it back to white in the original app.

bummer :frowning:

Just tested my setup again and it’s still working for me. Perhaps different bulb types work differently? That behavior sounds like what was happening in the original setup for me before adding the custom_components folder.

Only other advice I can offer is check your Home Assistant logs, they can be useful in showing exactly what isn’t working right.

Has anyone successfully fixed the Lovelace interface to show bulb color again?

Looks like it is fixed in the current dev version

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this worked for me. thanks!

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I’m not too familiar with how fixes get rolled out, but do you think that the fix in the dev version will make it to release version any time soon?

I just upgraded my docker to the current dev Home Assistant 0.105.0.dev20200112 and I am still having the same issues.

I want t patche “”
I’m on HassOS 3.7
I install SSH & Web Terminal
I can see: addons backup bin config data dev etc…
But find / -name did’t find it.
I have the srv folder but is empty.
Someone can give me some light to find my :slight_smile:

I converted all my 27 Tuya lights to Tasmota using Tuya-convert in December. I used to lose lights now and then with SmartLife (was a pain because I needed to redo all the routines that had them in Alexa). Never happened once since on Tasmota. Lights are also more responsive (button reaction is much faster (with setoption30 at 1).

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If you can’t use a Raspberry Pie because it’s busy running hassio, what you could do is get a small size MicroSD card (4 GB works) and install Rasbian Lite/Tuya-Convert on it. Swap the card from your Raspberry Pi to run tuya-convert and swap it back after when done.

@bradcrc - works with my set up - So I have Tuya lights for the first time in over a month. I also have a bunch of Tuya switches in a bricked heap in the corner. Tuya won’t give up and I’m not wasting time or energy trying to beat them when there’s a whole bunch of other platforms that are slightly more expensive but just plain work.

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Looks like it is fixed in the current dev version

Could you provide some details / link please?

so are any of the fixes currently working? i was using a modded but it stopped working after HA update…

Same here.

I’m guessing they are referring to #30213
Which is listed as a fix for #28602

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Hello guys, same problems here on HA 0.106.2.
Was you able to figure it out?