Suddenly can add ZigBee switch but can't program the button

Hi every one, i have been using deconz for a wile and no problem till now, suddenly I can not add any switch any more.

I can’t find any one with this same problem in the community I am not using Zigbee2mqtt, just deconz.

where els do I need to check all my other zigbee devices are still working, one is doing strange (a lamp) but I don’t use it so much so I don’t worry so much but I can’t add any switch any more, even Ikea that I never have problem with.(I have 3 already).

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With different Zigbee routers, there is a limit to devices they can connect to. I would look this up for your device, and make sure you have not hit the limit.

There are also different limits on different Zigbee Coordinations (due to MCU RAM or firmware limitations).

It usually helps to enable “source routing” and also always begin by adding some “Zigbee Router” devices.

Each device you add that can act as a good “Zigbee Router” can normally route a few additional devices.

@Hedda and @TinyDoT , I am going to check it later and report back, thanks for know

Ok i think I didn’t say it good, Sorry :neutral_face:, I can add switches, but when I add them they do like this: turn all off and turn all on, so I can’t program the button, i have like 6 router/reapeter , if i onderstaand that’s lamps and controllers that’s always on electricion.

And that’s what I find strange

Since you are using deCONZ you are probably better of asking in official Phoscon forums instead:

dresden elektronik also have GitHub repos for deconz-rest-plugin that deCONZ integration depends on:

Good idea to check out their wiki as well of course as it contain loads on information about deCONZ:

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@Hedda , it was realy good , I start a question there, i now have the problem that i need to do somthing in a zll.db but i cant find that at all…

This is what I need to do, but I can’t find the way to do that.

some one is telling me is in the container but hass os is no container or am I wrong?