Suddenly cannot select Entities in visual editor?

Hi all,

All of a sudden when using the visual editor in HAOS, I am unable to select Entities when creating or modifying cards. The Entity name will auto populate, but when selecting it, nothing happens. I’m relegated to use YAML to make any changes. Any ideas?

Home Assistant Core 2022.5.5
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3
Home Assistant OS 7.6

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I have the same problem. I have everything updated to the latest version. The only change was today’s chrome browser update (win10)
I don’t know what could have gone wrong

I just tried it on an Android phone and it works there.

The problem is with Google Chrome. It works well in Edge.

i have the same problem soon after updating core, supervisor and os on my raspberry pi, it works fine on the phone app but yet to try edge but i don’t think its a coincidence it happens after i update some home assistant components, i normally skip these updates until text to speech stops working on google home devices because some updates have broken features for me and its a long wait till its fixed.

I just found this out too. Cleared all my cache, even installed on a new Windows 11 computer. All with the same result. I cannot select an entity for dashboard cards.

I have updated all HA components and integrations and it worked fine until I installed the Chrome update yesterday evening. Not to say it not something on HA end that interacts with Chrome, but Chrome updated something that doesn’t play well with HA now (as far as dashboard cards are concerned).

EDIT: Just dropped in to discord. It is an issue with HA dropdowns for the entities that was broken in the latest Chrome update.

The fix is roll back the update for Chrome or install the 2022.6 beta version or wait until official release next week, which fixes the issue.

This week (on the 1st).

I have the same issue. Using Brave or Google Chrome

Yep, tried using Firefox, and doesn’t seem to be a problem there. Must be an issue with the latest Chromium update.

Fixed. Version HA 2022.6. Works well in Google Chrome