Suddenly cant connect HA, ping and observer works

HA running on Virtualbox. Virtualbox running on Win10. Worked fine for several months. No updates for Win or HA on last days. HA stopped responding last night. used to work, but not anymore.
homeassistant.local:8123 used to work, but not anymore. still works, observer.
homeassistant.local:4357 still works, observer.

Ping works. Tried turn Windows firewall on and off but no luck.

I have no working lights or automations in my house.

Any suggestions what to do?

Edit: Created a new virtualbox and tried to restore full backup. Not all addons were restored. Having huge difficulties for example with zigbee2mqtt: 502: bad gateway…

Did you ever figure this out? I have the EXACT same situation but in VMWare Workstation Pro.

Same problem just occoured for me, running a VM on my Synology. Tried restoring previous known good config, but still won’t connect.