Suddenly complaining about systemd-resolved

I rebuilt HA from scratch so to speak a while ago with a supported version of the system as was tired of dealing with these unsupported messages. I updated from 2023.7.1 to 2023.7.2 and now it’s complaining about an Unsupported system - Systemd-Resolved issues. Little annoyed to see that saying “Unsupported System” again.

Home Assistant 2023.7.2
Supervisor 2023.07.1
Frontend 20230705.1 - latest

Any idea what I need to do to fix this? Note if I try and stop or start systemd-resolved it says it’s not installed. This has been running fine until this minor update.

Running on Debian 11.

Side note, Composite isn’t loading anymore either.

Is this your issue?

Maybe not seeing it but didn’t see anything there related to systemd-resolved. Note followed the approved process for Debian Supervised setup. Not even sure it’s an issue.

Should note that I went back to my step by step documentation and there is mention to systemd-resolved service all over including running commands to check status and updates to config files. All that is gone now. All of it including the service.
Scratch the above partly. Noticed in my documentation couldn’t stabilize the IP info without it clearing the entries in Debian so ended up just using this script:

and then managing the IP / DNS info thru the HA GUI.