Suddenly not able to access my home assistant

Hi all,

Suddenly since yesterday I am not able to access my home assistant even though nothing has changed. I cannot access it via my app (remote connection with duckdns) but also not at home via the IP directly.

When I ping my IP I get no response, when I ping duckdns I get no response, when I ping homeassistant.local I get a response, but I cannot access my home assistant with it.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be, or where I could even start troubleshooting? I have backups, strange thing is I see it made a backup yesterday evening even though all in inaccessible.

I am running blind, thanks for any help.

Start troubleshooting by bringing it back online. Without any information from you (how do you run it?) it is very difficult to guess why it’s down.

This indicates that the IP you think HA is at may not actually be it’s ip address.

How did you assign the IP address to HA? Dhcp? Static address?


Don’t forget HA runs on port 8123 by default. Did you try http://homeassistant.local:8123?

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What are you seeing when you ping homeassistant.local? Are you getting an IP and a response?

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I remember using the function in HA to check its IP Address, always used that one to access it locally and used it as input for duckdns.

This is my response for homeassistant local:

and for the IP I always used:

Could it be that the IP suddenly changed? I am not so knowledgable in this area…

I’d say yes because you are getting a reply just not with the IP you think it is.

Enter this again in CMD ping homeassistant.local

You should see the IP or you can check your router for the IP


Thanks to your replies I was able to realize that the IP changed, I updated it in Duckdns and now I can reach HA again.

Thanks again!

It’s solved, thanks for getting me on the right track.


Look into making the HA IP address static in your router admin page. It will prevent this going forward. Happy you are back online with HA!!


Try “ping homeassistant.local -4” to force using ipv4 instead of ipv6. That should tell you what the current ipv4 address is.

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This is a good tip for next time, thank you