Suddenly not being able to connect outside my network

Hi, suddenly I’m not able to login to HA from outside my network.
My setup is with DuckDns which is active, working properly, and reporting correct address.
I’ve checked certificate validity and it’s shown as valid
I also checked my port forwarding rules in my router which are unchanged.
Not sure how else I can troubleshoot this. Any support would be really helpful as I’m on this setup from years and it always worked like a charm.

The interface is reached with my external link, it just won’t load.
I can access this via not secure http through my internal IP address.

Everything started after updating to 2022.7.6 few hours ago but I’m not sure how it can be correlated.

Do you use NGINX Reverse Proxy by any chance?

No I don’t.
I’m using DuckDNS addon directly from HA on Raspberry 4.

How are you providing the SSL certificate? because the DuckDNS addon doesn’t do that

Dosen’t it provide through let’s encrypt?
I am using it since 3 years, is this something changed recently, maybe?

It could be via the Let’s Encrypt addon? As far as I know the DuckDNS addon has never provided the option to generate a certificate

Just checked.
I have Let’s encrypt embedded into DuckDns addon configuration screen, and yes I’m providing the certificate through it. I’ve also set accept_terms = true so that’s automatically renewing it when expires.

False statements. See the info of the add-on, and/or the documentation of the add-on.

basically I found my main router was pending a firmware update.
I did the update, I rebooted it, I manually forced DuckDns to get new IP address and everything now works well.
So definitely no issue in HA or its configuration, was something wrong in the router that apparently was showing correct port forwarding rules, but probably was messing up with them

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You are right, my mistake