Suggest existing code for garage mqtt esp8266 setup


I was wondering if anyone can recommend an existing project with tutorial for a garage door setup with the following hardware.

Nidemcu esp8266 chip.
Reed switch for door status.
Ultrasonic sensor for car in garage presence.
MQTT for communication.
And works with the mqtt auto discovery setting?

Haven’t been able to find a project that uses both a reed switch (door) an ultrasonic sensor (car).


What you want? A working example? I don’t use an ultrasonic sensor but I have all the other stuff.

Wemos D1 Mini, D1 Relay shield, Reed switch running ESPEasy all over MQTT. easy peezy yep and easy.

As for the ultrasonic is supported so essentially you’d just need to create a rule that reads the sensor and publishes the MQTT… It’s probably super simple to setup, I just have no use for a sensor in my setup because I’m just using it for open/close.

This is already completed and open source

See Open Garage


You can also take a look at this post. It’s on OpenGarage firmwar 1.0.8.