Suggestion for Docker Installation

Hello everyone, I need a little help from people more expert of me.
Since today i have an installation of hassio on docker using the method:
sudo su -
curl -sL | bash -s – -m intel-nuc -d /home/???/config

This method seem don’t work anymore, considering that i want reinstall from zero to clean a mess configuration after many try and experiment what are yours suggestion and why for docker installation, hassio or home assitant?


It works, you only have to change URL for the script, the new link is:

in your opinion for docker is best Hassio or Home assistant?

I always use supervised installation, aka hassio that takes care of install home assistant and manage it.
For me it’s the best way and if i’ll want to control docker environment i can.
Supervised installation works fine, i don’t know why to choose HA as a stand-alone container if hassio could be installed in a system.
Probably if you have an hypervisor and resources i’d say to try proxmox installation with “native” hassos instead.

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Thanks for your opinion :wink:

I do this, I don’t need supervisor, automatic updates, add-ons or whatever at the moment :slight_smile:
I could run Home Assistant Supervised (formerly and a separate docker stack for containers that are not available as add-ons, but it’s not worth the hassle for me. And in the end of the day, add-ons are just other docker containers slightly modified to integrate automatically into Home Assistant. I prefer my single docker-compose file, but for most users it’s better to just go with Home Assistant Supervised as you suggested.

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That’s what kills it for me.

I’ve seen too many threads about an auto update causing HA to not work and those users have no idea why until someone figures out it was an auto update that caused the issue.

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Definitely! I want to decide when I want to update what, even if this means I need to “maintain” it myself.

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