Suggestion for FAST motion/light sensor for Home Assistant

I bought a Phillips Hue Motion sensor… however, there seems to be defective. Before I replace it with another one, I thought I’d post here to see which motion sensor I should get in its place. I’m looking for something that detects motion with the least amount of lag.

I currently have Hue, Z-wave, and Zigbee controllers.

All the Hue ones I have work really well, if you bought a dud just send it back and get a replacement.

Edit - given that on reddit you’ve posed exactly the opposite problem, I’m thinking this post was a waste of time :man_shrugging:

Yes, mine works very well too. However, the LED light on it doesn’t work. The issue I posted about my Aeotec Multisensor 6 (lag time) is not related to this issue; hence, a different forum post. I know this is a trivial issue; but, since it’s brand new, I’d rather have one that has a working LED light. I already tried doing a full rest and re-pair on it. The LED light wouldn’t even turn on during pairing.

BTW: I just plugged in my old Centralite motion detector I used to use with my Wink hub. Surprisingly, it has no lag at all! Lightening quick; even for motion over 10 feet away …quicker than both Phillips Hue and Aeon Labs motion detectors every time. Not sure why that’s the case. Unless someone knows how to make the Phillips Hue or Aeon Labs motion detectors equally as quick, I’m probably going to order another one of these Centralite’s.

  1. Centralite
    Controller: HUSBZB-1 - Zigbee

  2. Aeon Labs Multisensor 6
    Controller: HUSBZB-1 - Z-wave Plus

  3. Phillips Hue Motion detector
    Controller: HUSBZB-1 - Zigbee

If you’re using the motion detector through the Hue integration, it only gets polled once every 5 seconds as default, so it may seem faulty or slow to react. There’s a custom integration in HACS called Fast Hue which allows you to change the polling speed. I find 2 second to be frequent enough without over-polling.

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@trankillity The Fast Hue Integration did make the Hue Motion sensor faster (polling interval set at 1s). However, surprisingly it still can’t beat the Centalite motion detector which detects instantly by default (as opposed to ~1 second reaction time) …and, this is with the Hue and HUSBZB-1 controllers placed only 7 feet away from these devices (equidistant).

This reaction time difference between the two device is trivial in most cases; however, its interesting to note that the Centralite motion detector right-out-of-the-box might be one of the quickest motion detectors on the market.

@mkanet - I think you’re missing the point. It’s not the sensor that’s slow, but the fact that it’s paired to the Hue Hub instead of directly to another Zigbee hub.

From my understanding, when using the Hue Hub Home Assistant is effectively sending a request to the Hue Hub every 5s (by default) asking “What’s the state of everything paired with this hub, and has it changed since last time?”. In this way, it’s pulling information rather than being pushed information. If you pair the Hue motion sensor with any other Zigbee hub that has local control, responses will be instant.

So the reason it’s delayed is not because the sensor itself is slow, it’s because it’s only getting its state in Home Assistant via an API call to the Hue Hub - as opposed to directly exposing the sensor itself to Home Assistant (as you would with other hubs). You can confirm this by checking response time in the Hue app as opposed to Home Assistant.

Ignore all that, just saw you’ve paired it to the Hue Motion to your HUSBZB-1. No idea why it would be slower then. Not sure why you’ve even mentioned or shown your Hue Hub if you’re not actually using it in the equation.


I’m seeing around the same performance from the Phillips Hue Motion detector using the Hue Hub verses and HUSBZB-1.

Centralite is still a little faster every time; although, the Phillips Hue is still pretty fast (at least faster than the Aeotec Multisensor 6).

Good to see. Glad we got to the bottom of it.

I’m honestly just sticking with my sensors in Hue as it leaves them in a better mesh network/doesn’t create competing Zigbee signals. I can deal with a 1-2 second delay on motion activation. It also means that we can still control the house should there ever be an issue with Home Assistant (effectively a redundant system).

Before you just posted, I was seriously considering moving all my Hue lights over to the HUSBZB-1. I think I’m going to just leave my Hue devices on my Hue hub; and, move my Hue Motion Sensor back to the Hue Hub.

Just one last question… that Hue Polling Interval I changed… is it safe to leave it at 1-second polling interval; or, should I change it to 2 seconds as you have?

1 second is fine. I used an old integration which did 1 second for about 9 months. Only just recently changed it to 2 seconds to test the waters, and can definitely deal with it at that frequency.

That may change if/when I start making automations using the dimmer switches, but for now it’s fine.