Suggestion for high voltage energy monitor

Could anyone suggest smart energy monitor that could handle up to 220V and 60Amps? I have 2 Tesla chargers connected to a separate subpanel, and I would like to measure my cars electricity consumption separately from the rest of the house. My house has support for z-wave, zigbee and obviously wifi. Zigbee connection in the garage is pretty bad, so I would rather avoid it. Another issue is that subpanel (or rather it’s a disconnect panel with a separate breaker) only has 1 60Amp breaker in it and no plugs nearby, so it would be great if the energy monitor could be powered from 220V as well. I know something like Sense would work in my case, but that seems like an overkill, and also, I’m not sure I could fit it inside the disconnect panel.

220V is not high voltage. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for DIY?

If so, then this with the appropriate current transformers:

It is powered by the AC adapter used to measure voltage.

Can be run by ESPHome, Tasmota, or write your own firmware and use reliable Ethernet.

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Fair enough. I meant it more as I can’t use standard plug with power metering in it.

Thanks for the link. I would prefer an off the shelf solution if it exists, if not, I could build my own.

Have a look at emporia. It can also be flashed with tasmota or Esphome.

EDIT just noticed the transformers are 50A

What about Shelly 3em ?

Oh, nice, I didn’t know Emporia can be flashed with Tasmota/esphome! Thanks for that info, might be just what I need.