Suggestion for logs view

dear all , my suggestion regarding sensors such like door and window sensor which represent open/close status , whenever i look at the log or history of an example device , it shows like the door closed since an hour , and before that closed two hours ago and so on , why isnt feautre that ignore or remove duplicate status and shows only (opened , closed , unavaialbe ) without repeating . will try to attach snapshot for better explanation

Do those multiple instances of the same state line up with times you restarted home assistant?

yes , its happens mostly after restarts
here is other sample

So Home Assistant is actually updating the state from unknown when it starts and the integrations are first loaded. These unknown states are suppressed in the log though they are visible on the graphical time-line.

What you want would require home assistant to check the state when it shut down and compare it to now, if they match then also suppress writing the state.

This is possible but unlikely to happen based on this discussion: Persistent version of "last-changed" for the UI? - #7 by frenck

This is particularly apparent if home assistant has been offline for longer than a short restart.

i hope they will consider this as feautre in future releases to make status more compact and useful

many thanks for reply me